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Welcome to E to the Fourth, Inc. If you don't like to read, then please click the "x", and do so expeditiously before you learn something! E4 is a virtual book club that embraces the quintessential American ideals of liberty and justice for all. However, long before the United States, Great Britain, or even the Roman Empire became a "superpower", sagacious men ambulated throughout ancient China and Greece pondering these very ideals of "liberty", "justice", "knowledge", "truth", etc. For example, long before Christianity, Confucius said, "What you do not like done unto yourself, do not unto others." Long before Pavlov, Plato understood that the human mind, like a sponge, absorbs those things it habitually contemplates. His theory of knowledge contrasted the thinking man and the unscientific man, wherein only the former has a passion for insight into the truth. The latter, Plato wrote, perceives life amid disorder and confusion. Thus, the unscientific man's opinions often consist of conflicting and vacillating beliefs that can be altered by another man's appeal to his irrational emotions. Cogitate some of these "unscientific opinions", regarding ethics, equity, inequity, foreign languages, history, race, religion, etc., that many Americans hold. Are they not adduced via "sensory propaganda" more so than via knowledge of the truth? While most Americans may believe, "That's just the way things are," antithetically, E4 contends that our Nation is ameliorable, if we but have the resolve to do so. E4's workbook demonstrates throughout that these ignorant and unlearned opinions invariably appeal more to unscientific men than to thinking men. Although we pride ourselves in our form of government, concomitantly we often comport ourselves antithetically to the ideals of liberty and justice for all. Henry Ford, as discussed in Henry Ford and the Jews, was certainly one such American icon. His uneducated mind was locked in ignorance, bigotry, and hatred. Unlike Mr. Ford, those Americans today who peruse enlightening books on our list, such as George Orwell's 1984, can inoculate themselves from toxic "sensory propaganda" that typically disguises itself as mere "entertainment" in American culture. Thus, E4 is ever committed to proffering enlightenment via profound books that appeal to thinking men, women and adolescents, empowering them to change the world in which they live!

E4 contends that many popular forms of entertainment in the United States are parallel to the telescreen's "sensory propaganda", as described by the Two Minute Hate in Orwell's 1984. Modern "telescreens" continue to lock Americans' minds in ignorance, bigotry and hatred. To those of us who are addicted to refilling our glasses via the "refreshment" forthcoming from the "idiot box", E4 admonishes, "Don't drink the bleach!" When we do so, our resultant thinking about diversity, ethics, human history, philosophy, politics, terrorism, and current world events prototypically becomes more unscientific and obtuse, to say the least. For example, in describing Ingsoc, 1984 reads, "...he is forbidden the knowledge of foreign languages. If he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most of what he has been told about them is lies. The sealed world in which he lives would be broken, and the fear, hatred, and self-righteousness on which his morale depends might evaporate." Does not this quote accurately describe our unscientific mindset, resulting from over-exposure to the "sensory propaganda" promulgated via America's world view? Explain. In 1984, Winston's primary conflict was with the chasm between what "reality" is and what it was in the past. Big Brother not only rewrote history and the dictionary, but to further circumvent enlightenment, he also used "doublethink" and the "Thought Police" to impose ignorance or an "intellectual coma" upon an entire society! The inability to think obviously was one of the objectives of the State in this fictional book. However, the real world in which we Americans live is not a political satire. Yet, we must ask whether or not American society is becoming a carbon copy of Big Brother's Oceania? Does not an addiction to television circumvent intelligent and ethical debates regarding our Nation's domestic and international agendas? Likewise, does not academia also circumvent enlightenment via cutting and pasting only those truths that support Big Brother's agenda? If history repeats itself, then let us revisit the United States' role in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Have we simply replaced Germany's Third Reich and commenced our global "War on Terror", wherein countless people are being jailed, tortured and killed without trials? Explain. News sources beyond Big Brother's control, such as www.truthout.org and www.rense.com often imply that George Orwell's 1984  is perhaps no longer fictional at all! What do you think or is your mind also locked in an intellectual coma? Explain.

Speaking of intellect, if we live in a Nation wherein, provided one has the wherewithal to pay the tuition, virtually nobody "flunks out" of college, then even obtuse and marginally literate students will also graduate. Thus, are we not conferring degrees and positions of leadership upon empty and unscientific minds? Is not our own President Bush...(you fill in the blanks)? Explain. Whenever political agendas in American education strategically cut and paste what truths will be banned from the curriculum, are we not, de facto, using academia as America's Thought Police? Moreover, when one watches American television, one might fallaciously assume that talent contests, celebrities' sordid sex lives, cosmetic surgery, soap operas, professional sports, or "extreme" competitions to win money are the salient issues of our times. They are not! Yet, Big Brother's use of media, money, power, and politics often convinces the unscientific American that they are. At a time when health care, the war, the deficit, etc., perhaps should take center stage in our psyche, are not most Americans indeed acquiescent to the Thought Police? Explain. As Plato admonished, the unscientific man's fallacious opinions are molded by appeals to his irrational emotions rather than by his intellect. Deja vu, America! When the human mind is deliberately closed, one can predict the resultant "uncivilized" behavior that may be precipitated by such ignorance. For an individual, that uncivilized behavior could be the marginalization or even murder of someone whose identity group is simply different. However, for an entire "close-minded" Nation, that uncivilized behavior could be Apartheid, Slavery, the Holocaust, One World Order via military force, genocide, or global dominance of identity groups we arbitrarily consider to be "the enemy" or expendable! Toward circumventing such from becoming America's legacy to the world, E4's workbook asks you to proffer pragmatic strategies for domestic and world peace.

E4 contends that America and Her citizenry have a moral responsibility to the Human Race not to behave as Plato's unscientific man would! The very issues that may definitively chart the history of the twenty-first century are the ones about which we are mute. One of the greatest intellectual tragedies in our Nation is that media does not typically enlighten audiences about real issues in the real world! In response to the popularity of politicized news and other media, are we observing "reality" or merely "sensory propaganda" that appears like shadows on the wall of our cave? Explain. E4 makes an unwavering commitment to ferreting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about our Nation and Her people, in spite of Big Brother's objections. Without any political ties to Big Brother or to Big Business, our workbook proffers such truths, as well as solicits cogent arguments from our members on many such issues. Why, E4 asks, are not Americans discussing the ineptitude, inefficiency, inequity, and ignorance that are so pervasive in our society? Albeit we Americans don't like to confront our own vices, those vices grow exponentially whenever we are silent! If no one is willing to proclaim the truth, then how can America rectify Her injustices and unscientific opinions? Have we no responsibility for at least attempting to mitigate the maladies and malevolence we have created in our Nation and around the world? Unlike a half century ago, rigorous intellectualism is no longer passed on from the educator to the student being "educated" in America's classrooms. Thus, instead of being enlightened, we Americans typically manifest those ideas and opinions inveterately associated with an unscientific mindset. In 2004, are erudite thinkers being vaporized as they were in 1984? Quoting Orwell's novel, "Proletarians, in practice, are not allowed to graduate into the Party. The most gifted among them, who might possibly become nuclei of discontent, are simply marked down by the Thought Police and eliminated."  Perhaps, rather than pogroms against intellectuals, American institutions work in tandem to circumvent enlightenment regarding our Nation's evil and egregious behavior at home or around the world. Millions of our students graduate from high school and college each year without having been enlightened about diversity in the real world. Like proles, they are often bereft of the knowledge requisite for intelligent discernment or understand of "reality" as we know it. As these students go forth into adulthood from cognitively vapid institutions, is Big Brother now creating a society of "American proles" who invariably will become unscientific "non-thinkers" that serve the State, as they did in George Orwell's 1984? Explain.

Speaking of unscientific non-thinkers, is the Bush Administration's official position regarding our presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, et. al., ethically justifiable, as "American interests" are being imposed upon non-Americans? Yet, in the virtual absence of philosophical or moral debates about the Bush War, are we possibly an entire Nation of unscientific non-thinkers? Explain. Are we simply using "weapons of mass destruction" or "war on terrorism" as a political mantra to justify our stealing oil and further enriching some of America's wealthiest corporations and individuals? Explain. Are Americans even being "patriotic" via our acquiescence to such unprovoked militarism in the Middle East and elsewhere? If so, then a mother's enabling acquiescence to her brother's rape of her nine year old daughter is also the "loyal" thing to do! If a virtuous mother loves her child, then she must speak out against the egregiousness of her own brother! Likewise, if any of us love the Human Race, then should not we Americans also protest our Nation's unbridled militarism abroad? Explain. In spite of Big Brother having seemingly "vaporized" the Dixie Chicks, Linda Ronstadt, and other dissidents, one can never kill the idea of liberty and freedom from a global bully. Will our Nation's covert military terrorists ever relinquish that role of global bully? Explain. At a time when patriotism is being redefined by many GI's and conscientious objectors, "patriotism" is not ever tantamount to blind loyalty to America's own axis of evil in Her campaign to establish a One World Order. As discussed in The Trail of Tears, America has an irrefutable history of terrorism and militarism against people whom we arbitrarily call our "enemies", only to gain whatever coveted resources they possess. What do we Americans covet that Iraq has in abundant supply? As the PBS film, Frontline: House of Saud clearly shows, the answer to this question is oil! Yet, since both the media and most Americans appear to be cowardly reticent on this issue, E4 confronts Goliath with a slingshot filled with ethical debates that can enlighten the individual or the entire Nation. For too long, our national psyche has been, "We're the good guys; everyone else is the bad guys." Such a sophomoric world view, whether or not it precipitates nuclear war, is simply obtuse and morally wrong. Do we Americans even care about the countless Iraqi men, women, and children who are being beaten, raped, tortured, demoralized and murdered daily via a war we started in the name of "American interests"? Explain. Although we support and pray for our troops, even many GI's oppose our unethical military occupation of Iraq and the mandatory extension of their tours of duty! Moreover, how dare we call the Iraqi's "insurgents" when the United States has occupied their land, destroyed much of their infrastructure, and decimated their people? How long will we pretend not to hear the cries of far more innocent civilians being slaughtered in Iraq than were ever lost in 9/11? More importantly, Plato's thinking man is cognizant of Iraq not even being culpable for the Twin Tower disaster! Nor was Iraq, in any way, about to attack the United States via weapons of mass destruction! Thus, any sober or intelligently thinking American must ask, "Are we mad?" "Are we in deep denial?" More poignantly, "Are we Americans the real axis of evil?" Explain. Via this unprovoked Bush War, has the United States now embarked upon Her own Colonial Era, akin to that of Great Britain when She formerly was the world's superpower? How long will we delude ourselves via thinking that "they" are the bad guys and that "we" need to teach them a lesson? Is not the art and science of warfare always predicated upon propagandized lies, as it was by Big Brother in 1984? Explain. In the virtual absence of such intelligent and philosophical debates in American media regarding Iraq, Big Brother indubitably reveres a citizenry in such an "intellectual coma". However, as our Nation sits upon Her throne of "global leadership", would Plato, or even George Washington, condone our irrefutably unethical and "unscientific thinking" today? Explain. 

Education in America, as a result of diminishing intellectual standards, is mediocre at best when compared to academic standards of the 1950's through the 1970's. This is no accident because uneducated minds are easily manipulated! As Adolph Hitler even proved, present an unscientific mind propagandized lies about virtually anything, and that mind will believe it as "factual". Multiply that unscientific mind by a million, or even by one hundred million, and the political implications become self evident. Ergo, one could argue that many students who perform poorly on standardized tests do so as a consequence of "poor teaching" in America! Yet, many academic failures can also be attributed to the students' failure to study! Generally speaking, however, whether pre-school or graduate school, American institutions no longer uphold high ethical and intellectual standards! Concomitantly, School Boards across our Nation continue to implement policies known to impede the educational process for children. Many Americans and immigrants who have matriculated outside of the United States are well aware of this disparity in the classroom. Thus, E4 rhetorically asks, "Are American schools and universities now cloning ignorance and close-mindedness, at the expense of intelligence and enlightenment?" Explain. For the exiguous number of Americans who seek the latter, it is our guarantee that you will find E4's ethical and intellectual standards quintessential in all respects! Albeit we can not change the world, E4 contends that our book club members can change the world in which we live, beginning with ourselves! Our unique workbook repeatedly suggests ways to become physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually empowered, in spite of that unscientific man to your left or to your right! Don't underestimate the power "We the People" possess, when armed with a slingshot filled with enlightenment and the truth! Goliath is not invincible!

Whether science, geometry, calculus, etc., the conclusion drawn is "true" only when it is connected by logical necessity to its antecedent. American movies, music, and television often circumvent this intellectual process in the name of "entertainment". If you are what you eat, then how malnourished are you? Ask four of your friends to name their favorite television shows or movies. Then ask those four friends which titles on E4's booklist have they already read. What is your answer to these same two questions? Explain. If the human mind absorbs what it is fed, then draw your own conclusions in a society wherein Americans consume nearly forty hours of television entertainment each week. Draw your own conclusions in a culture wherein millions of Americans have not read even one enlightening, non-fictional book in over a decade. Draw your own conclusions in a Nation that simply does not read! Ergo, are the opinions of the average American about politics, economics, ethics, global events, etc., insightful and enlightened or more akin to those of Plato's unscientific man? Explain. In the context of Western thought, one could argue that Plato's mentor, Socrates, was put to death simply because he was a quintessential thinking man. Likewise, does not contemporary American culture offer the thinking man hemlock? If you are, indeed, such a thinking man, then E4 offers kudos instead of hemlock to you! E4 strives to recognize and reward essayist whose entries are representative of such profound enlightenment. Do most Americans possess a similar passion for ethical erudition and insight into the truth or do irrational emotions circumscribe our "reality"? Explain. To the exiguous number of Americans who indeed eschew sensory propaganda, E4 invites you to not only read each book of the month, but to also submit insightful essays regarding the ethical, ethnic, educational or economic truths contained therein. Even if you don't join our profound book club, by all means, please partake of the enlightenment proffered by the authors on our booklist! Then share your enlightenment within your coterie. The world's wealthiest Nation has no legitimate reason for being an "unscientific" global leader! E4 stands committed to rectifying this ethically and intellectually vapid state of affairs! If the human mind absorbs those things it habituates, then whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure and of good report, let us think on these things! 

We, the People of the United States, arrived on these shores from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, et al. Yet, we Americans often live securely within homogenous neighborhoods, impervious to the languages, customs and cultures of other American communities, not to mention global communities. While the entertainment consumed via television, videos, CDs, electronic games, etc. tends to "close our minds", each book of the month sheds intelligent light upon our better understanding who we are as Americans. Do we not have a moral obligation to respect others' rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? E4 attempts to answer this salient question via a critique of ethics, or the lack thereof, in government, education, big business, religious institutions and our families. Must Americans ever molest other Americans, as arguably the most violent industrialized Nation on Earth? Are we covertly engaged in economic, military and political activities abroad that warrant our reputation of a "global bully"? In the absence of such ethical and philosophical discussions in American media, E4 endeavors to fill such a void! What do our Nation's domestic and international policies say about ethics or morality in America? Evil and egregious behavior, by both individuals and institutions, can be supplanted when we seek ways to edify and empower one another. This is our mission. Therefore, E4 will incessantly proffer both an expose of many social problems for your analysis, concomitant with spiritual or moral truths that can mitigate, if not rectify, them. Please grab your Bible, Koran, Torah, or your Tipitaka and let us reason together. E4 believes that respecting other individuals and identity groups begins with one's acquisition of knowledge about them. Ignorance is not bliss regarding how we often mistrust, misunderstand, mistreat and even murder others who are simply different from ourselves. In fact, ignorance typically begets bigotry, which often begets hatred, which often begets violence. Miscreants throughout human history have manipulated this component of human nature to "manufacture" such malevolence among diverse identity groups. Antithetically, in an attempt to "manufacture" benevolence within American society, E4's pedagogy is rooted in abating ignorance, bigotry, hatred, and violence. Ergo, most of our competitions and contests invariably seek to select at least four winners, instead of one, representing diversity as it exists in the real world. Inner peace and intimacy with God, with one's family of origin, and with fellow Americans are residual benefits of such benevolence! As such, E4's curriculum is tantamount to an intelligent expose of diversity regarding Ethics, Ethnicity, Education and Economics in America without the false expectation of a monolithic membership.

Because we believe that The United States has the greatest political system on Earth, E4 incessantly explores American political history vis--vis Her ethical history. Has the United States become a Nation of great power, at the expense of Her principles? Few Americans today even consider the possibility! Ethically speaking, do we utilize our powers to edify or exploit those who are less powerful than ourselves? Albeit politics and religion don't mix well, ethics are inextricable from an analysis of our political system. When a talented novice tries out for his high school football team, the coach will typically analyze the strengths and weakness of that athlete, based upon his performance on the field. Toward maximizing his potential for excellence, would not a wise coach find ways to decrease the weaknesses or flaws in the athlete's game? Similarly, America's political system and other institutions have both strengths and weaknesses. Toward building a better Union, E4 simply implores Americans to analyze and ameliorate our potential for excellence! Our unique workbook discusses both an "Ethical Diet" and many "Ethical Exercises" that can quintessentially enlighten and empower each member of our team! In a sense, our virtual book club is the counterpart to football practice for the high school athlete. Do you have the presence of mind and the dedication to develop your own potential for "Ethical Excellence"? If so, then by all means, please help collectively coach or motivate your fellow teammates as we become "Ethical Champions" in the game of life!

One could argue that American History is replete with truths of which one can be both proud and ashamed. However, the ignorance and apathy of our citizenry regarding that political history may threaten democracy as we know it. "We the People" must study Civics, the Constitution, Current Events and American History to insure that our public servants are not "serving themselves" billions of dollars, at the expense of the tax payers.  E4's curriculum implores us to relentlessly do so. Otherwise, malfeasance will indeed continue unabated in our Nation. As George Orwell brilliantly demonstrated in Animal Farm, political corruption thrives upon both the manipulation and ignorance of those being governed. We Americans can ill afford to naively believe the "new arrangements" of the Seven Commandments that Napoleon and Squealer promulgate. Nor can we Americans content ourselves merely with the concerns of our own families and careers, to the exclusion of how political decisions also impact others. Yet, millions of us are so busy building the windmill that we are not even cognizant of these ever subtle manipulations of our minds! "Liberty and justice for all" is the perennial standard for which we Americans should strive. Thus, members of E4 are expected to ferret a more noble truth, as it were, from the pages of American History about our great Nation. Regarding each book of the month and its related ethical topics, E4 encourages you to intelligently debate your point of view with us and with others. If we remain silent, then "We the People" indeed may lose our voice in government! Were we to do so, Orwell's 1984 clearly illustrates what could plausibly happen, where there would be neither liberty nor justice for all.

Who are some great African Americans? Who are some great Asian Americans? Who are some great European Americans? Who are some great Indigenous Americans, whom, by the way, E4 refuses to call "Indians" since European explorers did not land in India as they fallaciously had thought? Regarding pulchritude within the Human Race, if blond hair, pointed noses, and blue eyes are the standards of beauty for Europeans, then what are their counterparts among people with broad noses, slanted eyes, black or even brown hair and skin? Regarding spiritual enlightenment, how have sagacious Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Muslims contributed to the intellectual and spiritual development of America? America's schools do not endeavor to adequately answer these poignant questions, albeit members of each identity group indeed have positively impacted our national psyche! Therefore, as E4 seeks to answer these and other workbook questions regarding equity and diversity, let us become both students and teachers of one another. Concomitantly, let us eschew every evil lie that is promulgated in the media or elsewhere as though it were the truth. Speaking of the truth, American culture often blatantly or even subtly promotes hatred of other individuals and identity groups. Thus, our Public Relations slogans about diversity are often only hypocritical rhetoric. Antithetically, E4 promotes genuinely respecting others as we want to be respected. We meet in cyberspace to demonstrate genuine acceptance of the diversity that God created within the Human Race. Whether or not that expectation is quixotic depends totally upon you. We need that you proffer your uncensored responses to the myriad discussion topics and exercises in our workbook. As a virtual book club member, one need not ever worry about what another person may think of you. You are virtually "invisible"! Your ideas, on the other hand, take center stage! Thus, E4 challenges Americans to approach our Nation's economic, political, ethical and social issues intellectually instead of emotionally because intelligence proffers solutions. Emotions, on the other hand, proffer the unscientific man's rationalizations for the status quo. Thus, in the anonymity of cyberspace, we at E4 look forward to receiving your e-mail or other responses to our workbook's uniquely challenging curriculum. A yearbook, containing the most edifying and enlightening submissions will be published, typically by March of the following year. All such submissions will be published anonymously, unless the author requests otherwise. For those members who choose to establish your own Actual Book Clubs, you are eligible to compete in either our Student Division or Adult Division for an annual Grand Prize of $10,000 cash! Other awards and honors are discussed in our FAQ and in our workbook for those Actual Book Club members who perform well on E4's I.Q. Tests, typically administered in October and November. 

In this election year, E4 just introduced the Ethical News on our website to determine to what extent the American public is scrutinizing Big Brother and the political process. As in 1984, is an entire citizenry being hypnotized via "doublethink" into perceiving white as black and calling black, white at Big Brother's given command? Explain. E4 eschews such intellectual passivity and challenges you to reclaim your own minds! We all remember how an embarrassing page in American political history unfolded in the Presidential Election of 2000. One could argue that here in the state of Florida, we were ground zero! Looking ahead, as well as reflecting upon the past, we solicit insightful facts and opinions that can enlighten us all regarding our Nation's political process. Thus, E4 fosters an attitude among members that is void of disenfranchisement or discrimination. We welcome intelligent virtual discussions regarding politics, language, religion, food, music, art, cultural heritage, etc. from around the globe that enrich us all. Toward that objective, our four year curriculum parodies college and proffers a unique book list to American students that can enlighten them about our collective heritage, as well as emancipate the rest of us from ignorance of other identity groups. Quoting Orwell's Animal Farm, "...the education of the young was more important than anything that could be done for those who were already grown up." Therefore, E4 strives to inculcate enlightenment to America's youths more so than to those of us who are, perhaps, older and already prejudiced. In so doing, "E pluribus, Unum" indeed becomes more meaningful as our citizenry embraces each other as fellow Americans!

Lastly, E4 believes that all of Homo sapiens exist in a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual self. As such, throughout our workbook, E4 strives to facilitate each member's self-actualization in each of these components. Many toxins exist in our culture, which often circumvent or convolute the process of enlightenment. Moral correctness, instead of political correctness, is espoused by E4 as the path to making America a truly great Nation and a great People. Were we Americans to honestly analyze "The State of the Union", might we not realize that life can offer us so much more than purchased pulchritude, political power, pecuniary assets, and physical pleasure? When one takes a more philosophical and less capitalistic approach to living, then one realizes that the golden fleece is not life's ultimate prize. We challenge members of this book club to step off the treadmill of life's rat race and to discover your true selves. Were you to do so, either where you live or at our monastic soirees, might not you develop and discover more holistic and benevolent relationships with others who share your mores and folkways? Indeed, such complementary relationships, instead of competitive ones, can provide a "higher standard of living" that transcends material things! Might it even be possible to learn how to not envy those whose material possessions exceed your own? We believe so if one travels a path of enlightenment. Our workbook challenges each member to find a quintessential "training partner" as you commence becoming physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually fit! Further, we hope that you will share with the rest of us many anecdotes regarding your journey toward enlightenment. Spirituality is perhaps on the brink of extinction in our culture. In the absence of "godliness", a society has no other choice than that of being "ungodly". Is America such a society, wherein we forsake the Scriptures and exploit others more than we edify them? This query is worthy of our book club's consideration. We also take a critical look at some of the illusions and misconceptions promoted in our culture regarding the meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Ultimate happiness, perhaps, is not pursued but is the product of a self-actualized life, unmolested by other individuals and institutions. While none of the books we select may teach you how to become a millionaire, collectively they proffer members quintessential enlightenment in things both temporal and spiritual. That, we believe, is priceless wealth! Although diverse, we Americans are actually more alike than we are different. Yet, if we refuse to engage one another in a substantive dialogue about ethics, ethnicity, education, and economic empowerment, then our Nation will forever remain a house divided. Our mission is not to change the world. Instead, we invite each of you to a milieu wherein we change the world in which we live. In closing, E4 is a unique virtual book club experience, wherein we learn to love as we love to learn. May God bless America, and you as well!

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

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