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Why a Virtual Book Club?

There are, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of book clubs in America. So why join a virtual book club? After all, E4 doesn't even sell the books chosen for our unique book club, albeit we do publish a workbook to accompany one's discussion of them. The primary reason to join E4 would be to acquire knowledge your rabbis, teachers, preachers, priests, parents, politicians, etc. seldom, if ever, shared with you. By simply reading, one can indeed manumit oneself from ignorance. Membership, however, does offer other benefits! E4 simply seeks the truth in pursuit of enlightenment and excellence. Members of typical book clubs meet socially to discuss a book once a month. However, members of E4 can engage in edifying dialogue at any time without ever leaving home! Unlike many other book clubs, E4 is in the business of enlightenment instead of entertainment. Our modus operandi is, "for enlightenment purposes only". Ergo, this website offers no glossy photographs of luxury homes, expensive cars, yachts, exotic beaches, or beautiful bodies in bikinis inveterately associated with marketing on the web. Instead, we attempt to get you to visualize moral purity, love, truth, godliness, integrity and inner peace. Toward self-actualizing these human virtues, E4 encourages much less consumption of inane television and much more consumption of the written page! The most enlightening Book among books E4 suggests reading would be either the Bible, Torah, Koran or Tipitaka. Second to these, we feel as if both sacred and secular philosophers have already provided mankind with the tools needed to embrace the Human Race as one global community. Lamentably, such reading and reasoning are no longer part of the educational experience in America. Lamentably, America's citizenry has failed humanity via such ignorance and apathy. Thus, E4's curriculum asks members to rigorously scrutinize the extent to which ethics have molded American society in the past, as well as in the present. E4 regularly examines the ethical consequences of a society's malice toward its own citizens, as well as citizens around the world. For example, if America obstinately refuses to provide adequate health care to Her own citizenry, then it goes without saying that She will not even attempt to mitigate such suffering abroad. Are we even "civilized" when corporate CEO's and government officials abandon the best interests of the people in favor of covert deals that make them "filthy rich"? Political decisions in our great Nation often do reflect the will of the people. Ergo, "We the People" can ill afford a conspiracy of silence regarding how our Nation impacts us and the rest of humanity. If America is to be a global leader instead of a global bully, then Her political institutions and Her people must examine both macro and micro models of how not to propagate injustice, greed, corruption and evil.

As you think outside the box, perhaps you will share your opinions on a variety of philosophical issues in our workbook. Beyond merely identifying salient problems, E4 proffers solutions that could make "liberty and justice for all" more of a reality than it currently is in our Nation. That process of building a better America is dependent upon our book club members' collective contributions to our ideology. Because many, if not most, of E4's topics are "morally correct" instead of "politically correct", a virtual book club allows our members to exercise free speech via candid submissions without derision. In such a milieu, our mission is that you proffer enlightenment in things both temporal and spiritual. Just as one may be more candid in a virtual chat room discussion than at the beauty salon or barber shop, one's anonymity is the underlying premise of our workbook. Toward creating a more perfect Union, E4 gives an anonymous, yet clarion, voice to our members who submit exemplary essays embracing America's highest ideals! For us to do otherwise, might not our Founding Fathers think that we have plummeted into Democracy's Dark Ages? Thus, E4 stands committed to anonymously publishing an anthology of the most enlightening essays in our yearbook, unless the author requests otherwise.

E4 also offers a $10,000 Grand Prize to the Actual Book Club with the highest test score in both our Student Division and Adult Division! An Actual Book Club consists of four or more individual members who elect to compete collectively for our Grand Prize via written examination. At the time you join, one person should be indicated as your President, while the names of the other members should also be listed. New members may join your Actual Book Club, should you so choose, at any time during the year. It would be beneficial for such members to meet and debate or discuss the issues raised in the E4 workbook. However, it is possible that members of your Actual Book Club may reside in different cities or states as well. In both divisions, all members of the Actual Book Club are given I.Q. Exams, consisting of one hundred objective Interesting Questions from a single book. All I.Q. Exams are timed at a maximum of two hours. Although every I.Q. Exam will cover the same book, the Interesting Questions may vary slightly from one exam to another. To encourage reading all twelve books during the year, members will not know in advance which book has been chosen for the I.Q. Exam. However, one can rest assured that from the First Year Book of the Month List, only one of the first three titles listed will be chosen for the first I.Q. Exam. Likewise, the second I.Q. Exam will cover one of the next three books on the list. This predictable pattern continues to the end of the list, ensuring that four of twelve books are randomly selected. First year members will be tested only on four of the twelve books, while second year members will be tested on six of the titles for that year. Third year members will be tested on eight books; and fourth year members will be tested on ten of the twelve titles for that year.

The Student Division is for members under 18 who are intellectually mature, as to be determined by their parents or guardians. The Adult Division is for members at least 18 years of age, regardless of whether or not they are actually students. In fact, it is our hope that members who are not students will also test their wits! To level the playing field, all test questions come directly from each book selected. In such a manner, an attorney or college professor won't necessarily have a competitive advantage over a housewife or undergraduate student. In both divisions, a minimum score of 85% is requisite to declare a Grand Prize winner. Therefore, mediocrity is unacceptable for this prestigious award of Actual Book Club of the Year! Extra credit is available via an I.Q. Exam covering E4's Movie of the Month List. Passing this optional I.Q. Exam with a minimum score of 85% or better will add two points to a member's cumulative test score. A score of 95% or better will add three points to a member's cumulative test score. In the event of a tie in either division, E4 will then utilize an additional I.Q. Exam for a different book to break the tie and to legitimately declare a Grand Prize winner! Upon your registration as an Actual Book Club, additional testing information will be provided to your President by mail. In both divisions, a personal profile of each member of the winning Actual Book Club will be featured in our yearbook the following spring!

Key Benefits

bulletEthical forum for Americans!
bulletExceptionally enlightening book list!
bulletEducational and edifying workbook topics!
bulletExcavate more truths about American history!
bulletEmbark upon the process of spiritual enlightenment!
bulletEnjoy virtual discussions without ever leaving your home!
bulletEngage your peers in dialogue about America's moral issues!
bulletExemplary essay submissions may be published in our yearbook!
bulletErudite Actual Book Clubs can compete for a $10,000 Grand Prize! *


  A Sample Actual Book Club
  Jane Doe, President

301 South Street

St. Augustine, FL 12345


  Maria Hernandez
  Eric Johnson
  Elizabeth Cohen
  Seth Goldberg

* Competition for the "Actual Book Club of the Year" Grand Prize in both divisions is contingent upon at least twenty clubs electing to participate for the year in question.

"America, America, God shed His grace on thee; and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea."


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