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Sexual Essay for America's Youths


[Part 1]

Because teenagers are incessantly interested in sex, it is only natural for E4 to candidly and ethically discuss sexuality with America’s Youths. Inconsequential to the particular identity groups to which they belong, teens need spiritual and temporal guidance regarding sexuality. Albeit our expectation is that each member of our book club will pursue spiritual enlightenment as uniquely defined by your religion's Holy Book, E4 proffers America’s Youths many Spiritual Laws that are virtually universal. These laws facilitate one's developing a greater understanding of sexual propriety and impropriety. Without question, most of our Scriptural references are from the Torah or the Bible because more Americans "profess" belonging to Judeo-Christian ethical identity groups than to the others. However, we are amenable to the spiritual wisdom that the Koran and the Tipitaka proffer to Muslims and Buddhists as well. If footwear includes sandals, sneakers, penny loafers, and wing-tipped shoes, is it not moot to argue functionality? Are not all four capable of protecting one’s feet from hot pavement? Amid such diversity, all of us undoubtedly have personal preferences. However, someone walking on hot pavement in bare feet might greatly appreciate any gift of footwear! Thus, in our Nation that espouses religious freedom, E4 does not argue religious differences governing human sexuality. Instead, we acquiesce to America’s churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples in that regard. All too often religious institutions indeed antagonize others, both intramurally and extramurally, based upon their own questionable agendas. Although disparate, E4 believes that human virtue and inner peace are attainable in each such ethical identity group. Ergo, our argument is simply that we all need shoes to protect our feet from the blistering hot pavement! 

For the sake of this poignant essay for America's Youths, let us establish four Spiritual Laws and four Natural Laws that apply to sexual temptation and other human vices:

 Spiritual Laws


Evil never identifies itself as such to the naive or to the unenlightened. Instead it manipulatively deceives its victims into doing what is ungodly, typically via pleasing our flesh.


Godliness is never hidden behind lies nor masks from those seeking enlightenment. However, such spiritual enlightenment is a "hidden treasure" found only via perusal of the Scriptures.


Most people will choose to do evil instead of good. Thus, in any society, the majority of the citizenry will be those who revel in ungodly behaviors. By their very nature, evil people will mistreat, molest, malign and even murder those who stand in opposition to their lifestyles.


The exiguous number of people who choose to do good will suffer ostracism, peer pressure, persecution, discrimination, imprisonment, violence, crucifixion, burning at the stake, etc. as martyred servants of God. However, in due season, the judgment of God eventually holds the ungodly accountable for their misdeeds.

Natural Laws


Sex feels good! The onset of puberty is typically characterized by mere physical sexual maturity, concomitant with the intellectual, emotional and spiritual immaturity of America’s Youths.


Because virtually all adults have “sexual skeletons in their closets”, they are very uncomfortable candidly discussing sexual impulses and behaviors with America’s Youths.


Because virtually all teenagers are rebellious against parental authority and religious orthodoxy, America's Youths flippantly fail to heed adults' admonitions regarding sexual behavior.


Because America's Youths are so sexually active, they undergo abortions, become prostitutes, run away, become rape victims, birth more bastards, and contract more sexually transmitted diseases than any previous generation.

Sex feels good! That truism regarding pubescent sexual impulses and behavior has not changed since the Mayflower landed. However, compared to then, what has changed is the extent to which America's Youths unabashedly behave immorally. This essay is not about bashing gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans-gendered people, pedophiles, adulterers, fornicators, etc. Instead, the primary purpose of E4's essay is to discuss sexuality in the context of the Scriptures. America's Youths are often ignorant of the sagacious sexual lessons expressed in Scriptures because adults fail to teach them. One could even argue that American culture is "cannibalistic", in terms of how immorality indeed "consumes" our young! Be it via the plethora of sexual promiscuity, or even sexual molestation, America's Youths struggle just to survive adolescence and reach adulthood unscathed. Via the advent of effectual contraception, concomitant with the lack of religious convictions, America’s Youths seldom realize the long-term consequences of their promiscuity or other forms of sexual immorality. However, as evidenced by the countless bastards born annually, one could argue that today’s youths still are sophomoric. Some teens even contract HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases before they graduate from high school. Thus, America's Youths deserve at least an alternative choice to the entertainment industry's hedonistic, yet self-destructive, messages. After all, the popular music to which America’s Youths listen is often replete with sexual messages and imagery, i.e. “bumping and grinding”, “making love”, "sock it to me", "let's get it on", "cheating on my girl", "doing the dog", "mosquito's tweeter", "funky worm", “hot like an oven”, “sticking and licking”, etc. However, few of these songs discuss the grief of broken families, emotional distress of infidelity, dying from AIDS, or struggling to escape poverty with the added burden of an illegitimate child. Ergo, E4 proffers discussions of human sexuality in the context of God’s commandments. Of course, you may choose not to obey these commandments. Yet, you may very well give them more serious consideration after you have been sexually defiled and consequently need a sexual healing! The choice is yours.

Of course, “good parents” constantly discuss the facts of life, sexual and otherwise, with their progeny. Juxtaposed against parental instruction is a hedonistic American culture that is bereft of sexual modesty and morality. Spiritual Laws dictate that sin is pleasing to the carnal eye. A spiritual eye, on the other hand, is more able to discern danger and to resist sinful temptations. Irrefutably, millions of America's Youths foolishly delight in premarital sex, drug use, and other sins that please their carnal flesh. There are also millions of middle-aged adults who did likewise as teenagers and are still struggling in recovery twenty years after the fact! Is it better to recover from the effects of evil deeds or to circumvent committing them in the first place? In any generation, to whom do America’s Youths tend to listen, the voice of reason or the voice of raging hormones? Most “godly parents”, perhaps, make a legitimate attempt to teach their pubescent youths both the spiritual and temporal consequences of sex before marriage. However, one can not dismiss the fact that millions of American parents are still engaged in debauchery in their own personal lives. To whom do their children turn for moral guidance? As E4’s workbook discusses, countless children and teens in the United States are sexually exploited by well respected "pillars of the community". How can any “good parent” cower in silence as a son or daughter is being sexually exploited by a relative or family friend? With so many children living with only one parent, the incidence of sexual exploitation and molestation ever increases in our culture. How often have children been removed from “abusive homes”, only to be sexually violated while in custody of the State? For centuries, youths in orphanages, boarding schools, reform schools, convents, and their own homes have indeed been sexually molested under a conspiracy of silence. One could argue that the State actually aids and abets child sexual molestation in the United States via its reticence in such cases. Akin to the myriad of cases in the Catholic Church, State officials are often more concerned with expediency than with rectifying these problems in America’s social service agencies! Are we such a sinful and wicked society that we consider the welfare of America’s Youths secondary to public image? E4 can not remain silent while millions of America’s Youths are being propositioned by their siblings, peers, neighbors, other relatives, coaches, teachers, social workers, preachers, policemen, and other perverted pedophiles wishing to prey upon their innocence and ignorance! Nor are we willing to remain silent as America’s Youths continue to birth bastards and contract sexually transmitted diseases that have no cure! Because too many schools, families, and religious institutions fail to candidly discuss sexuality in ethical terms with America's Youths, E4 endeavors to do so herein. Ask us anything; we will respond.

As a virtual book club, E4 is perhaps a quintessential milieu, wherein America’s Youths can pose ethical queries about sexuality that they dare not ask their parents or other adults. Sex education is a life-long process for both youths and adults that should not be shrouded in secrecy. Theoretically, the twain can discuss any sexual topic in third person without divulging one's personal history. Any and every sexual question our members submit to E4 will be answered as candidly and completely as possible. From whom are we hiding behind our "fig leaves", since God sees every deed and misdeed we ever commit? Whom are we protecting when we avert and obstruct the truth? The entertainment industry bombards America’s Youths with atheistic and hedonistic sexual messages in movies, magazines, CD's, etc. Does God provide any sexual messages of His own? Morally speaking, it is most important to note that human sexuality is indeed explicitly discussed throughout the Scriptures. You are encouraged to find those Scriptures in your Torah, Tipitaka, Bible, or Koran. Ergo, one can easily ascertain whether or not the messages proffered by the media and entertainment industry regarding sexuality are godly or ungodly. One can also learn from the Scriptures how God requites His blessings upon the righteous and His wrath upon the unrighteous. Paradoxically, concurrent with the lack of morals in our Nation, few rabbis, preachers, pastors, priests, gurus, oracles, etc., dare to inculcate those Scriptures regarding homosexuals, whores, whoremongers, harlots, adulterers, fornicators, bastards, etc. As our workbook explores, many Jewish and Gentile miscreants masquerading as men of God or "religious leaders" also practice homosexuality, bisexuality, pedophilia and other acts of sexual immorality. How can this be? Welcome to the real world, wherein, "Evil never identifies itself as such to the naive or to the unenlightened." Immorality exists in each and every one of E4's identity groups, albeit most prefer to point the finger and only discuss the iniquities of other groups. E4 contends that spiritual enlightenment is impossible without accepting the ethical assets and liabilities each of us brings to that process. Ergo, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ferret the shameful truth about immorality wherever it exists in our Nation. First and foremost, "the man in the mirror" must acknowledge his own immorality and resolve to practice a more ethical standard in his own life. 

Albeit not popular, E4 chooses to candidly discuss the many sexual “traps” that are already seeking the downfall of America’s Youths. These include not only pornographic movies, magazines, and DVD's, but also the drugging, clubbing, drinking, risqué clothing and other folkways of many high school and college students. Lamentably, many youths will realize the profundity of God's sexual standards only after they have chosen to ignore them. E4 reveres God’s sexual standards as the only truly irreproachable lifestyle any of us can ever practice. Were one to study the Scriptures, one would better understand the advantages of obedience unto God’s instructions in our ungodly society. Because we have religious freedom in our Nation, one would expect infidels, heathens, Satanists and atheists to practice ungodliness. Quite bluntly, even the sexual practices of many Americans professing to be “religious” are contradictory to the Scriptures as well. Beyond the pulpits, those who sit in the pews each week are also unwilling to obey God. Many of America's Youths reputedly are "turned off" by organized religion because of the hypocrisy they find in these "religious" individuals and institutions! As our workbook describes, wheat and tares indeed will grow up together in most congregations. However, in far too many American congregations there is such a dearth of wheat that one can not even bake a single loaf of bread! As such, from a spiritual perspective, the sexual and moral well being of our entire Nation is already corrupted. Sexual behavior impacts individuals, families, and future generations. Immorality is never a better choice than obeying the Scriptures regarding sexuality or other ethical issues. This premise, repeated throughout our pedagogy, emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability for one's own physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual self-actualization. The choice is a very clear one. You and only you can indeed change the world in which you live!

How, then, do we Americans begin to reconcile the chasm between our pontificating about morality or "doing the right thing" and our reckless disregard for God’s sexual commandments? The initial step in the process of sexual healing is manumission from ignorance. As such, both here and in our workbook, E4 endeavors to promote your perusal of the Scriptures and other sources of information regarding sexual truths. If you prefer sexual entertainment over sexual enlightenment, then please click the "x" in the upper right hand corner of this window. E4 stands committed to both ethical and enlightening dialogue about sexuality or any other moral issue our members raise. America's Youths deserve, at the very least, to be able to discuss sexual morality with clarity and without embarrassment or shame. America's Youths deserve, at the very least, a forum wherein they can share their experiences and get sound advice instead of judgment. Whether five percent or ninety-five percent of Americans choose to disobey them, E4’s premise is that God’s commandments are perpetual and immutable. The standard of sexual purity is unaffected by the popularity of alternate lifestyles in our Nation. More importantly, our disobedience to God’s commandments exponentially increases the incidence of adultery, fornication, rape, incest, STD’s, bastard children, government agencies mismanaging child care and child custody, prostitution, drug use, divorce, depression, homosexuality, suicide, etc. As we stray from God’s standards, are not Americans becoming more dependent upon secular surrogates to "parent" America's Youths, i.e. day care centers, foster care, sex therapists, television, “self-help” books, psychologists, rehabilitation programs, psychiatrists, boot camps, drug therapies, counselors, etc.? Virtually all of the above disavow the power of God's perfect love to instruct and to empower us over evil. E4 attempts to candidly proffer America’s Youths a God-centered “alternate lifestyle” of sexual purity, thus, circumventing the convoluted dysfunctional relationships that befall so many others!  

Coming Soon: [Part 2] An ethical essay regarding The Misnomer of Sexual Orientation, America's Gay Movement, America's Feminist Movement, The Sexual Indiscretions of a Famous Man, The Price of Promiscuity, and The Virtues of Abstinence is in E4's workbook and also in the Scriptures!


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