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First Year Book of the Month List


1984                                                      George Orwell

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People   Stephen Covey

To Kill a Mockingbird                             Harper Lee

The Trail of Tears                                  Gloria Jahoda

The Color of Water                                 James McBride

Awakening the Buddha Within                 Surya Das

Closing of the American Mind                  Allan Bloom

Relationship Rescue                                Dr. Phil McGraw

Goodbye, Good Men                              Michael Rose

Bound Feet and Western Dress                Pang-Mai Natasha Chang

The Anatomy of a Lynching                    James McGovern

Henry Ford and the Jews                        Albert Lee


This Month's I.Q. Exam Sample Questions: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

The author briefly described a period when his son did poorly in school and in athletics. Despite their best efforts as parents, they realized what most needed changing was what?

A) Their son's laziness.

B) Their son's personality.

C) Their son's study habits.

D) Their perceptions.

E) Their rules and restrictions.

F) Their quality time together.


A few years later, their son did which of the following?

A) Overdosed on drugs.

B) Earned his GED.

C) Became a straight A student.

D) Ran away from home.

E) Got arrested for auto theft.

F) None of the above.


Our Constitutional Democracy, as compared to a monarchy, illustrates what concept first introduced by Thomas Kuhn?

A) Primary greatness

B) Secondary greatness

C) Character ethics

D) Being proactive

E) Begin with a vision

F) Paradigm shift


Stephen Covey defines a habit as the intersection of which of the following?

A) The lecture and the lab in any particular discipline.

B) The knowledge and the desire to achieve greatness.

C) Great ambition and the tenacity to achieve one's goals.

D) Repetition, repetition, and more repetition.

E) Knowledge, skill and desire.

F) None of the above.


**There will be four I.Q. Exams the First Year**

The first year focuses upon Emancipation, logically separating Plato's thinking man from the unscientific man. Have you ever attempted amiss to have an intelligent discourse with an unscientific man? E4 eschews such a profligate expenditure of intellectual energy. Therefore, we have a zero tolerance for such individuals, the benefits of which are apparent at our enlightening soirees and workshops. As such, E4 could be described as one of America's most "exclusive inclusive clubs". By that we mean that E4 solicits members from all sixteen of our unique identity groups. Yet, when any member of this book club chooses to malign, molest, or marginalize others, E4 separates that toxicity from our book club, whether we have two hundred thousand or only two hundred members remaining. Borrowing from the Bible, E4 is "opening blinded eyes" for those Americans who are possibly not cognizant of the good, as well as the "axis of evil" in American history and American politics. We invite a brotherhood of Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike to explore these seldom discussed truths, using the Scriptures as your consummate authority regarding what is "good" and "evil". We Americans can not begin to emancipate ourselves from evil until we are at least willing to discuss, debate, and discern ways to do so! Such essays from our members promise to be enlightening to those Americans who refuse to internalize "sensory propaganda", as if it were the truth. Most Americans, however, couldn't care less about ethics, ethnicity, education or enlightenment, provided that they already have a good job and the wherewithal to buy nice things, travel, etc. For such individuals who are consumed by their own self-centeredness, this book club may not be for you. Antithetically, for those who know that God has bestown upon you human virtue, E4 encourages you to altruistically emancipate others from "slavery" to evil ideologies, evil individuals and evil institutions! Many are called; few are chosen! Which are you? Explain. 


** Six I.Q. Exams the Second Year**

The second year focuses upon Evolution, in terms of "In God we trust" as a lifestyle instead of as a mere slogan or cliché. Today, American students learn about evolution in school to the exclusion of the Scriptures' account of Almighty God having created the Heavens and the Earth. Without question, E4 feels as if elective course in religion, i.e. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, should be offered in America's public schools. America's Founding Fathers' provision of separation of Church and State was intended to protect diversity in one's choice of religion. Yet, America's courts have perpetually assaulted religious education and thinking in our Nation. Because morality is predicated upon the ethical principles of a religious education, a society without religion is also a society without morals. Today, America's churches focus more upon augmenting their memberships and money than upon spiritual evolution, as E4 defines it. Ergo, E4 poignantly ask Americans who have studied their Bible, Torah, Koran or Tipitaka to examine the good and evil within the individuals and the institutions that affect our society. In the privacy of your own home, you and you alone can see both the A's and the F's, as if they were assets and liabilities on a balance sheet. Albeit no one is perfect, E4 proffers ways by which F's can be turned into A's! Although few, there are some Americans who genuinely desire to walk in a path of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. We are seeking to find you! E4 facilitates such a noble pursuit of surrounding yourself with others who share your high moral standards via inviting only forty members to any of our workshops and soirees, based upon your participation and performance during the first year. Our goal is that we all become self-actualized physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually! In the context of this book club, that process is Evolution!


**Eight I.Q. Exams the Third Year**

The third year focuses upon Edification in the world in which you live! Transcending the virtual reality of the first year, E4 challenges third year members to positively impact both individuals and institutions in their coteries and communities. Without duress or politicizing ethical issues, E4 desires to learn the extent to which our fraternities, sororities, and other efferent relationships are being formed that reflect our ideals. For example, our workbook proffers ways by which members who earn relatively little income can live in a six-figure household while in pursuit of their education and economic empowerment. In contrast to capitalism's "self-centered" model, E4 challenges successful members in our top education and economic identity groups to edify and mentor others "beneath" you in their upward mobility! "By this shall men know that ye are my disciples indeed; in that ye hath love for one another." As such, members of this unique book club indeed learn to embrace diversity while empowering others' pursuit of liberty and justice for all. The definition of true "success", instead of merely increasing my bottom line, becomes the extent to which all of us help others to self-actualize in those areas wherein they most need to do so! 


**Ten I.Q. Exams the Fourth Year**

The theme of our fourth workbook in E4 is that of Enlightenment in things temporal and spiritual. Juxtaposed against a modern society of unscientific men, E4's curriculum is tantamount to a course in Ethical Human History. A sage once said, "A steady drop of water wears a hole in even the hardest rock." E4 is such a drop of water, giving new life to those who have fully participated in our curriculum. Having done our best to enlighten other Americans, our book club finally seeks to identity quintessential members who are exemplary in that regard! Indeed, in the game of life all of us are running the football in one direction or another. Yet, most people are still scoring touchdowns for "Hell's Head Coach" instead of for Heaven's. Albeit "The Truth", which is inextricable from enlightenment, will forever be blocked, tackled, clipped, and run out of bounds in America, E4 is dependent upon those teammates who valiantly score points for "Heaven's Head Coach"! You extraordinarily personify our ideals regarding Ethics, Ethnicity, Education and Economic empowerment! Unto you, we are most grateful for your exemplary and irreproachable comportment! As you have already enlightened others, please continue to change the world in which you live via sharing enlightenment only with those who genuinely treasure it! We further honor your commitment to a global community and to human virtue via consideration of your becoming a member of E4's Supreme Court! May Almighty God's copious blessings incessantly be yours is our prayer!


Other E4 Titles

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First Year Movie of the Month List

Bowling for Columbine

Africa: A History Denied

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The Long Walk Home

The Fog of War

The Mission


The Matrix

Men of Honor

The Tuskegee Airmen

Birth of a Nation

The Joy Luck Club

Although all of the I.Q. Exam questions are taken directly from the book of the month, E4 highly recommends that members view the quintessential movie of the month as well. For those Actual Book Club members competing for a Grand Prize, an optional I.Q. Exam covering all twelve movies is available. Passing this optional I.Q. Exam with a minimum score of 85% or better will add two points to a member's cumulative test score! A score of 95% or better will add three points to a member's cumulative test score!

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